Moonshine Cowgirls is a brand new Country Rock Bar concept, which will be opening about 20 U.S. locations before 2022. The concept is all about FUN! We will specialize in stunning Moonshine girls will be dressed in our signature Moonshine Cowgirls baby t’s, branded short shorts, cowboy boots & cowboy hat. They are more than bartenders or servers but part of the party. The Moonshine girls all carry water guns, dance on the bar, and party with our customers. Moonshine Cowgirls will have a large can and bottle beer selection plus our infamous Moonshine Fish Bowls & Signature Cocktails, which are all named after Country & Rock Icons. Unlike other Country, Rock Bars who stop at just music, we also will play all Baseball, Football, Basketball, Hockey, College Football & College Basketball games. Our theme will always be fun, so we will have nightly contests, theme parties, beer pong & other games to engage our customers every moment they are at our bar!